About the Author and Artist

Chandrama Anderson, MA, MFT

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and President of Connect2 Marriage Counseling. I write CouplesNet which is read online by 5,000-10,000 readers weekly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

I’ve been interviewed as an expert on couples counseling by various magazines, including Ladies Home Journal in its "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" column. I’m also the author of Connect2 Personality Mapping: A Breakthrough Psychotherapy Process Tool for Understanding Your Clients, Their Families and Their Relationships (2012); No U-Turn at Mercy Street, A Memoir and Resource Guide for Grieving Parents (2010); and A Hard Road: A Story of Cancer Survival for Patients and Caregivers (2017).

I have a robust background in speaking and teaching, as well as television appearances in both clinical and hi-tech arenas.

Nur Jaffar G. Latip, Artist

Nur Jaffar Latip is a talented young Filipino artist, living in Marawi. Trained as an engineer, his true passion lies in his talents as a digital illustrator and cartoonist. His nuanced understanding of character design and gesture, his sophisticated use of color, and his solid storytelling chops mark him as an artist to watch. His portfolio reveals all of these skills.